Excellent well looked after co2 laser ideal for your first step into laser cutting , fully installed , checked , tested , serviced warranty 2500 x 1250
Overhauled Resonator August 2020 6KW 4M X 2M with Rotolas tube axis , Liftmaster loading device massive specification 
2kw Amada LC2415 2520 X 1550MM
3KW Trumpf 3030 3m x 1.5m 
5kw Trumpf 5030 Classic 3m x 1.5m , Auto nozzle changer excellent maintained machine 
4 Kw Trumpf 4030 , 4m x 2m , well maintained machine 
Year 2007 Amada X1 3015 4.4KW Co2 factory prepared and ready in uk stock